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Generac has engineered a home standby generator that makes residential backup power more affordable than ever, with some well-known quality and reliability that makes Generac the leader in standby power.

Home Backup


Like Generac’s other home standby generators, the PowerPact provides automatic backup, specifically to essential circuits. It protects what’s most important to homeowners, like refrigerators, well pumps, and select appliances, and it does so automatically.

Guardian Series

Generac’s Guardian® Series kicks in within seconds of determining power loss—automatically—and runs for as long as necessary until utility power returns.


Generac’s EcoGen is the solution for automatic backup power in an alternative energy system, like wind or solar power.

Business Standby

Protector Series

Generac’s new Protector™ Series generators raise the bar for residential generators. In the past, the only solution for large home backup power was to order expensive, custom-configured solutions. Until now.

QT Series

Power for your home during an outage will help keep your family safe. Rely on the best quality with Generac’s QT Series generators.

In this video, a long-time, wonderful, customer, Shirley Emons, shares her experience on the peace of mind it brings by having a generator.

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